Living A Life Of It’s Fullest Measure Depends On Healthy Decisions

healthy decisions

I know we are all faced with tough decisions on a daily basis, but one would have to ask the question, am I really making Healthy Decisions.

charles lemon healthy decisions


Lets look at a few real life scenarios and discuss the difference of how making healthy decisions and bad decisions can have adverse reactions on our lives.

When I was born, my mother was in her early twenties and she raised me up in the most loving caring nature and along with the help of my grandmother I was kept guided in the right direction.  In fact this was how children were raised before my birth, especially in the 50’s and 60’s.   Most families consisted of a father who worked to take care of the family and a mother who supported her family from home.   Both played major roles in their kids lives.   The very decision to have a mother at home and father out making a way for his family worked well.   Although dad was out working it sent a message to the sons on how they should take care of their own families one day.  The mother at home balanced the scale, she would be there at home, to show love and nourishment to her children.

During this time period people didn’t engage in as many unhealthy decisions as now.   Most girls waited much longer into their growth as a woman before they interacted with the other gender and began to start families.   Most men didn’t run from woman to woman and bring dangerous deceases back into their homes.

Nowadays that can’t entirely be said.   There are way too many unhealthy decisions being made by young kids.

Reproductive justice

have the economic, social, and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about our bodies, sexuality, and reproduction for ourselves, our families

Far too many young girls are having sexual intercourse and producing babies before they themselves have grown into mature adults, and have the mental and emotional capacity to properly nurture and raise their children right.

This within itself presents a way much bigger problem in our society, which can be discussed at length to no end, however for the purpose of what I am saying these are just unhealthy decisions.    Sexually transmitted deceases, young kids handing off their babies on their elders because they do not have the ability to care for them are just a few byproducts of this sort of unhealthy decisions being made.

healthy decisions

The boys are effected as well when you have these types of unhealthy decision making.  They too are forced to make a decision on how to take care of someone they have fathered and can’t even take care of themselves either.

You see where I am going with this?  I have laid out just one example of how unhealthy decision making can cause a physical, emotional and Psychological breakdown.     Then there is the rampant drug abuse by many people in todays society.

Back in the 70’s  the most you would see if someone getting high off of weed, or having a little nip on a drink or two.

Nowadays it is quite common for many to to do much harder drugs on a regular basis, ingesting some of the worst types of drugs that dilapidate you physically and mentally over time.

God made our bodies as temples and we only get one!   We must begin as a society to teach this to our children early so that they learn to make more healthy decisions and we don’t wind up with another generation of drug abusers, and kids having kids.


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