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Welcome to charleslemon.comThat’s right greetings from my blog. I felt my very first post should be about something that explains who I am, and why I speak about healthy living and other real life topics so passionately.


Why blog about such a common thing when so much has been said on the subject?  What makes me stand out?  I mean don’t we have enough people speaking about Healthy Living out there?   Well for one thing I am giving my two cents from experience,  and as a living testament to others.   So I might have some authority on the subject because I live it, and experience it each and every day.    My grandmother always said, best experience is bought experience.

Ultimately my hope is that the things I say in this blog will be used to inspire someone, help others, and give empowerment to anyone that finds themselves lost on matters concerning life, and health in a positive life changing way.  May my experience and thoughts be used as a trusted tool to help you find understanding in your own situation, leading to success, hope or a silver lining in life’s most difficult moments.


Who is Charles lemon?

Well, I am a married father of two, and a God fearing Christian.

I have always had a desire to help people, which comes as no surprise why I even started this blog.

I have been through so much in my life that it is truly a blessing to be here writing this message today, so this platform will be used to it’s fullest.

Growing up on the westside of Chicago, a young black male, and being raised by a single mother during the 70’s and 80’s, the deck was stacked against me from the very beginning.  I believe God saved me from early destruction.

I owe my introduction to Christ at a early age to my mother and grandmother who kept me in the church.  This is the reason why I always kept my faith throughout my trials and tribulations, and why I aways had a discerning spirit.   You see even though I was introduced to God and new him for myself, the magnetic forces on Chicago’s streets had attracted me as it does to many of the youth, and I strayed off path for a while.   I did however get back on the track without doing any time in jail, or committing any serious crimes.

My first stent away from home actually came in the form of college, I was able to leave Chicago and go to Grambling State University for several years where I studied business.   Those years away changed me.   I met so many different people from different parts of the country and the experience was overwhelming.   I began to look at the world as a big place, much bigger than what I was used to at that point, which was just the westside of Chicago.

I met my wife while at Grambling, and we became good friends, then started dating, and have been together ever since.

animated-clock-image-0004 Fast Forward to today.  I am currently using my life experiences to help others as a living testament, in the form of public speaking, and blogging.  Heck I may even write a book about it one day.


You see, much of the things I battle today are in the form of living a healthy life, physically and mentally.

Currently I have been battling a very serious medical disease.. After an exhausting campaign of treatments of some of the strongest medicines available and facing the threat of colon cancer and a host of other issues, my doctors decided that I had to have major surgery to remove my entire large colon.   I began to realize and accept that because of my health it would be very tough for me to do the type of work I had done for so many years before.  I have worked some very physically demanding jobs before, but now my body would just not allow it, so I began my journey to figure out how to live the healthiest life possible, and help others that may face the same or similar struggles that I had.

The first steps I took in my journey to healthy living was to move my entire family out of Chicago.    We landed in southern Utah in the St. George area.

This part of the country has some of the most stunning views of Gods creations I have ever seen in my life!

Coming from the tough streets of Chicago Illinois, it was a complete change to what I was used to seeing.   I went from living the life of high stress, dangerous situations, and the regular hustle and bustle of big city life to complete peace and quiet.

I mean absolutely nothing!

Crickets literally 🙂

Where I live now it is so quiet, you can actually hear your self think.  You can take a moment and look out and enjoy the Lords beauty.   I walk outside my home, and I have a perfect view of Zion National Park.  The people out here are all very friendly, and nice which is a change for me.  I was used to cold hard stares, scheming and dog eat dog environments.

This is why I think the first steps to healthy living is to change your environment.    You have to change how you look at things from a literal and physical sense, so that you can begin to ultimately have an idea of the life you want to live and fulfill it.

I am now on my journey to living a better me inside and out, and I welcome you to join me on my journey as I share my life experiences of healthy living, and life.

Thank you for reading about me.    Now check out my next post about why I think changing your environment is so important to health and how they both are intertwined together more than we think.


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8 thoughts on “Who is Charles Lemon and Why Healthy Living

  1. Dwayne Austin Reply

    Love my brother. Continue to inspire and tell your story. We are sure to listen.

    • Moderator Post authorReply

      Nothing but love to you as well Dwayne! I feel it is my obligation to tell my story every chance I get to communicate it. Also all my personal thoughts and advice as I have experienced them. My hope is, that many will listen and in fact, my life experiences will be used to help someone else that may be going through similar circumstances.

  2. Anthony Taylor Reply

    Thanks for sharing Charles. Be blessed in all you do I will be sure to continue reading your blogs

    • Moderator Post authorReply

      Thanks for stopping by Anthony. I appreciate it, and much love. I wish nothing but good health and blessings to you and all those you surround yourself with.

  3. Regina Ivy Reply

    Sitting here browsing your site and this is simply amazing! Your story of how God has and is using your life as a testimony is unbelievable. Charles not only do you have whit but you are an innovator never waiting for handouts but taking authority over all that has obstructed your way. Continue to be the example that we need to see!

    Love you,
    Your Sister in Christ

    • Moderator Post authorReply

      Thanks sis for the kind words, and stopping by. I will continue to be a living example to all who choose to listen! I do believe someone out there needs to here my story.

  4. Playerham Reply

    That’s Great, you took your family someplace where you guys can grow uninhibitied by this madness. Real men make tough real choices! Great website and continue to do you thing, I too am looking to make a real big decison hopefully within the next few years….Stay smooth!

    • Moderator Post authorReply

      Thanks Playerham! I appreciate your comments and for stopping by and checking out my blog. Keep in touch bro, and let me know how things work out with your big decision, i’d love to hear more about it.

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